PT. PARAMUDA JAYA, an engineering and
inspection specialist, established in 1974
based on the principle of independence,
quality and integrity.  In 1977, we have been
appointed by Directorate General of
Petroleum and Natural Gas (
MIGAS) to  
carried out our services as technical
inspector for and on their behalf  (as the first Independent Third Party Company) with regards to
offshore platforms and industrial equipment for the Oil and Gas industry.  Futhering, to make
recommendations towards the
issuance of a Certificate of Fitness and or Operation License.

Through our constitution, we are directed to secure for the benefit of community high technical standard of
design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performance for the purpose of enhancing
safety of life and property both sea and land.
Our Mission & Quality Policy.  To provide our client with independent Justified
Technical Fitness Certification  of Factual Report
.  This certification is also
required under the current government "Regulation Code, Standard and
Specification". Certificate means guarantee, and we are here to provide you with this
assurance whiile at the same time, all equipment is allowed to operated internationally since it conforms
with all applicable
International Standards.

Safety precaution is a major aspect of industrialization, which the
Indonesian Government is well aware of,
since it is evidenced by various regulations that have been issued.  In this high-risk, high-technology
business, a mistake can cost you human lives, time, money, and lost of production -- the elements that
count for everything On or Offshore.

Presently, our company has certified offshore platforms on behalf of the Directorate General of Petroleum
and Natural Gas and other installations for constructional fitness.  This comprises
70 percent of all
operating platforms in Indonesia and over
600 pressurized containers/heat exchagers/coolers, fabricated
in Indonesia as well as in the United States, France, Japan and Singapore.

As the operator of equipments, of course you have the right to choose and should your choise be
, please inform MIGAS and we will be glad to serve you whenever and wherever you need us!.
Offshore-Onshore Technology, Inspection and Certification

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